Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Inside Voices (not in volume)

Recently, I discovered that my inside voices might not be too unique. Let me explain...

Big Secret!!! I have inner struggles and life experiences that I sometimes think no one would relate to or at least want to admit that they relate to.

In the past, when I have chosen not to let them out or failed to confront the emotions that come along with them I have not enjoyed the outcomes (actually for a time I enjoyed the outcome until I realized that there might be more that I was missing out on).

Here are some of things that you might not be alone on...

Boyfriends/Girlfriends that threatened or attempted suicide
Desire to have a family or not
Getting lots of enjoyment out of what we see in the mirror
Feeling depressed by what we see in the mirror
Feeling guilty for relaxing
Wanting others to recognize us
Parents who we thought had it all together and don't
Family turmoils that we don't want to face
The reality of death and what the heck that means for our lives
Desire for balance in our lives and having no clue how to set priorities
wondering about our identity: relationships, appearance, jobs, sexuality, etc.
Wishing we could run away from ourselves
Intentionally hurting ourselves physically so we don't feel emotional pain
Keeping ourselves so busy that we don't have to deal with our inner voices
Feeiing Alone
Feeling not good enough
Thinking that we can ever be good enough

*Disclaimer for parents* These are not all things that I struggle with but are things that I realize go on. When we get them out in the open the inside voices lose some of their volume.

This maybe one of the reasons why post secret has been such an amazing phenomenon.


Anonymous said...

I agree. I can check off most of that list! Talking about some of them have helped but others just get pushed farther back in the dark closet. We all need to remember everyone is fighting their own battle.

Anonymous said...

hi honey,
don't worry...very human and imperfect parent not threatened. Knowing other people whom i respect and admire (like you) struggle with similar issues does a lot to diminish the power of the negative stuff. love you a bunch and a ton, mama

Bernie said...

As a therapist, I can assure everyone that whatever makes them feel like they are crazier than anyone else and totally alone is almost certainly shared by someone right around you.

I pray that we continue to bring these things out into the open.