Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Board to Death?

I think the saying "I'm board to death" originated in the Bible... Read the end of Acts 19.

Paul (the guy who helped to start and spread Christianity) was leaving the city and it was his final night there so scripture says he "went on and on" all through the night.

At one point a young man who was listening fell asleep, and fell out a window (3 stories) to his death. Can you imagine the sorrow and panic?

At first I laughed a bit because it seemed to fit with the above phrase so well, then I read on... Paul went down and threw himself on his friend and brought him back to life. The people left encouraged because of the great power that was shown on Paul's last night with them. After saving the young man Paul continued to teach the people into the early morning hours. Then he left for the next location.

I wasn't sure why people would stay up all night long listening to one person teach, but then I read on some more. In Acts 20 it talks about the relationship that Paul had with the next city that he went to. He brought passion, power, prayer, was filled with the Holy Spirit, he taught them, he encouraged them. They were built up and prepared for giving of themselves through his presence with them.

I'm amazed by the details of scripture. I'm amazed by the power of God. Thanks be to God that He is the same one we serve today.


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