Friday, July 18, 2008

Looking for a good book

Recently I have been struck by how fascinating the Bible is.

Jeff taught on Sunday about the lens with which we view the world. Its worth a listen...

Anyways, this week I have read the following stories:

A woman leading others in singing and dancing

A woman who lead her people through a difficult battle (including directing a prominent soldier named Barak)

The rise and fall of a prideful warrior and the rewarding of a humble queen and her friend who took a huge risk

The traveling saga of a tent maker who was facing death at every turn

There are moments when scripture is uplifting and necessary for my soul
There are moments when stories are confusing and troubling
There are moments when I feel like I'm reading a really good novel

This Book comes highly recommended.

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Anonymous said...

yay tray tray!!!good post.

you are awesome. and i can't wait to be with you next week end!! mama