Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hi Tray Tray, Where's Matt?

I sure am missing these little pricesses!

This past weekend Matt and I went to Roanoke for my family reunion, which was a lot of fun. I saw lots of other short people :)

We stayed with my parents, and at the moment that also means that we stay with my brother.

Shiloah (the youngest) is learning to talk and for some reason loves saying "Matt". All weekend she would walk up to me and say, "Hi Tray Tray, Where's Matt?" in the same breath. Then when she saw Matt she would walk up to him and say "Matt!" "Matt!".

It was very cute, but I was a bit jealous... she really likes my husband... but who doesn't?


DMP said...

they are adorable! who is that, Bell and Snow White?

Jenny Benny said...

yay! a fun post from Traci!

Bernie said...

I'm jealous, too!

Anonymous said...

i miss you tray tray. love, the mama