Friday, August 1, 2008

New Hair Color

I'm not sure what got into me but for some reason I decided to die my hair yesterday.

This is the first time I have colored my hair in 7 years. Wow! That is a long time to go without hair color (I say that as one who grew up bonding with my mom over highlights :)

Charlotte helped me apply the treatment and did an excellent job. I think she was more nervous about my transformation that I was. I figured... its just hair right?

I was actually going for darker than it turned out, and I might revisit it in a few days, but for now I REALLY like it.

Some times its fun to do something funky.


DMP said...

It looks really really good Traci!!

Kim Smith said...

Okay... I have three questions.

1) Why didn't I know about this?
2) When did Charlotte come into town?
3) Where is the frontal view with your face in it?

haha... I want to see you from the front, but it looks sassy! I like it! And I love your spontaneity!

Mandy said...

YAY for Charlotte being here! You two are awesome and your hair looks AMAZING. Like Kim said...I want to see the front too! :)

traci said...

1) It was a whim... just a split second decision, no one knew about it

2) Charlotte got her on Thursday afternoon, she'll be in town til Monday. I'm trying to convince her to come to Visio Dei on Sunday, but she has a lot of people to see this weekend.

3) The frontal pictures didn't turn out that great... I'll hopefully see you soon and you can see my beautiful face for yourself :)

I think I'm gonna go darker, but I want Matt to see it first (he is out of town and doesn't know about it either)

Patrick said...

i know what got into you. charlotte did.

Corey said...

so cool

Mip said...


Charlotte said...

This one was all Traci. I guess she was just waiting for someone to take the risk of dying her hair with the box formula. I wish I could have seen everyone. Next visit.