Saturday, August 30, 2008

A few reasons I love my husband

Last night Matt and I had another adventure that I think... only us... I was trying to figure out how to post about this because it was definitely blog worthy, but remembered that there are so many other things like this that I love about him... so I'm posting a few more of them.

It is also his birthday today! Lets Celebrte Matt :)

These are in no particular order...

  • On Thursday we went to see NCSU v SC in Columbia... we drove back until 4AM. He stayed up the entire time. The last 30-45 minutes were really tough to stay awake so he rolled down all the windows in the car and periodically stuck his head out his side of the window. Maybe it was just late... but it made me laugh.
  • Last night we went out with some friends. At the beginning of the night we joked about walking to Krispy Kreme... we were at the Flying Saucer... we then walked up to Raleigh Times and had dinner. It was great fun. We left to walk back to our car around 11:45PM and decided that we really did want some donuts.... we walked to Krispy Kreme. It was fun to stroll around town together. We decided that more people in Raleigh should walk places. It doesn't take that long, is fun, and you see what is going on. This is my plug for more walking in Raleigh!!! Do it!
  • We got to Krispy Kreme at 12:11PM... The lobby closed at Midnight... but the drive through was still open. We attempted to get donuts through the window but the lady working there informed us that she was on camera and could get in trouble if she served people on foot (so there are some downsides to walking)... but, we didn't walk all that way not get our tasty treats... another reason I love my husband (persistence and creativity). He asked the next car that pulled through the drive if they would get us 3 glazed donuts. This girl was SUPER nice and was like, sure thing boo... whatever you want... So we left with donuts in hand for our trek back to our car. 
I'm realizing that this post is getting really long, so I'm only going to list a few more things that I love... there are many more:

  • Balances me out
  • Loves Jesus
  • Is just as stubborn as I am
  • Able to relax
  • Works Hard
  • Has great friends
  • Wake boards like a champ
  • Cherishes me 
  • Is great with children
anyone else have good things to say about Matt?


Shannon Smith said...

I like the "Has great friends" part. I also think he has a great sense of humor and he's decent at basketball for a white guy.

Anonymous said...

he's a man of integrity, and he's really easy to be around.
he makes my daughter happy!!!

guess who?