Monday, July 14, 2008

Moving Adventures

To most people packing up and moving entire houses is not a highlight, to say the least. But, last night I was reminded of a couple reasons why I love it.

I wish I had a picture to better describe the first one, but my words will have to do.

#1: I get to feel like Catherine Zeta-Jones in Entrapment.

Corey and Matt had packed the Budget Van within a foot or two from the ceiling and then they called me in for a special operation.

I got to crawl back in a hole and help pull the mattress over the corner that it was stuck on and then proceed to fill in the gaps with boxes they slid to me one at a time.

One day I will pass this opportunity on to my niece Hannah.

#2: I am reminded of one of the many reasons my husband is a blessing to my family.

Matt is one of the most patient and engineering minded people that one can find. My family... not so big on the patience and think through-it-ness when it comes to the practical; i.e. moving. (We are really good at the spiritual, emotional, and intellectual, but the practical...hmm)

Anyways, Matt first got instated in my family by helping to move me 6 times during our first year of being together. Then the real bonding came when he helped my Dad move a family in South Carolina in the middle of the summer. (I also got to be Catherine Zeta-Jones that time :)

And, just last night Matt and Corey were moving together. I am so thankful for my husband, his patience, his ability to bare with us in our frustrations, to bring humor and calmness to the some times so hectic and emotional Paxton family.

I believe that our family is growing in many ways and my husband is contributing to our growth. Its cool how God brings people together in new ways.


Matt Rowe said...

I think my wife just called me an engineering dork. My favorite part was that I have an engineering mind. What I heard was that I am a cold insensitive person who never cries. Bernie, help me!

Anonymous said...

I am not sure what Traci is talking about, we Paxtons never lose it or get impatient as we always expect things to be perfect and can't stand ti when things happen that shouldn't because we thought we knew everything and we can tell you why it is unfair - it's just genetic - thanks to Matt - we really did need you in a big way for all the reasons Traci said

Bernie said...

Matt - surely you're gonna cry with the Paxtons at some point. Even Hannah almost made me cry the other day. Just hang in there.

Paxtons - thanks for letting people be part of your family. I really appreciate it.

Corey said...

so does being good with emotions a reference to my fight with the clothes dresser, the washing machine, the mattress, or all the stuff that fell out of the truck at 12am sunday night?

thank you matt for helping me

Corey said...


i thought you were more like the asian dude on oceans 11

either way, you have skills

traci said...

im laughing right now

fun times

Anonymous said...

matt- "i heard" that traci was about to go completely crazy until you came along and brought her the needed levity to deal with her lunatic family.