Friday, March 20, 2009

Competitions are fun!

So over the past few years I have given my husband a hard time about playing fantasy sports. I just didn't get it... I still don't get it completely and think it would probably get old (at least to me) after checking over and over again. *

But, last night I found myself itching to know how my bracket was doing for the NCAA tournament. Thanks Shannon!

Before I left for home group last night I was ranked #1 and as of this morning I am down to sharing the 11 spot with several others. I think I will be checking the updates and watching games more during this March Madness than I have in the past.

Who did you pick to win? Go Memphis!

*I also realize that fantasy sports have a dimension of strategy that would potentially keep things interesting.


Emily Mitchell said...

I do too. and I've always contended that all of us wives who are "fantasy widows" in the football season should start our own league, so we'll be halfway interested in the games:)

jennynaree said...

Go Buckeyes! I picked an Ohio Sweet Sixteen :) I won't win, but I am more a go with your heart kinda person, so I am okay with that! Nathan on the other hand is in it to win it...I think it's a guy thing!

Shannon Smith said...

Michigan State. Welcome to our world.

traci said...

Now I'm sharing 10th place with several others. I'm only down 2 of my sweet sixteen at this point, so hopefully it will keep going well for Memphis, Gonzaga, Kansas, and Pittsburg!

Sorry Jenn... really Ohio st.? do you know where we live?

Amy said...

kansas! I know they are good...but I don't know if we can be friends anymore. GO MIZZOU!