Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A glimpse through God's eyes

Last year I had a conversation with a friend where I told her how much I wanted to hear from God and to see the world the way that God does. I wanted the clarity and conversation with my creator that I saw her having. I thought maybe those experiences only happened to 'special' people... now, I think I was wrong.

I starting asking for this.

Then, on Sunday during worship at church (about a year later), I began to cry... my tears were a mixture of anguish and hopefulness for people around me, close friends and family members who God is longing to extend his love to in uncomprehending ways. I felt a sweetness because it was a glimpse through God's eyes, and I felt anguish because I began to recognize how much God cries with longing for us to know him.

It is a beautiful to see this. It is humbling. Now I pray that it happens more and more.

Keep praying. God answers.


Lauren H said...

Hi Traci! Yes I have started reading your blog, I think from a Facebook link or something(?)... Anyway just wanted to say I liked this entry. I totally know what you mean. It is one of those "be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it!" things b/c it is so wonderful to glimpse but so hard to handle. I think that is why God does not let us see through His eyes constantly, we would explode or something! Do you know the song "Give me your eyes" by Brandon Heath? I love it. :)

traci said...

Hi Lauren! I love that Brandon Heath song. I heard in one of my cycling classes and then went home and downloaded it that day. He has another son about Sunrises that is awesome too!

Anonymous said...

when you were little.. (elemenatry school)your favorite song was 'my father's eyes' Amy Grant. do you remember that? love, mama

traci said...

I do remember.

Eyes full of compassion, seeing every pain, knowing what your going through and feeling it the same... she's got her father's eyes

Eyes that find that good in things, when good is not around. eyes that find the source of hope, when hope cannot be found.

I need to download that... going to itunes right now!