Saturday, March 14, 2009

Its been a full week

If you read my blog, you probably already are up to date on the occurrences around my community of faith this week... as a leader at Visio it is humbling, a privilege, a joy, and also a challenge to be a part of so many highs and lows around us. 

Thank God for new life! Ethan Mullis & Presley Smith -- I love having an opportunity to make colorful signs for people :)

Thank God for working miracles for the Mullis' and for providing people to serve and love them. We have been in the middle of God's Kingdom work. It is amazing. Please continue to pray for them. 

On Monday, we started the EDA group and it went really well. Since then I have had several phone and email conversations with folks who are concerned for others or who are experiencing healing from disordered eating, control, fear, and perfectionism. 

I got to meet with 2 of our servant teams this week. God is working amazingly and surprises me often about how much he loves us. 

Last night several of my girl friends went out for a "Spanish Only" night. We ate at Jibarra and were the entertainment for the wait staff for sure. I thought it was a bit odd at first when the fellows kept walking by and taking one or two plates off of our table at a time. Then I realized that they were listening to our conversation... By the end of the night some of us were semi conversing with them in Spanish as well. 

This morning starts our church wide 24 hours of prayer. If you didn't sign up, but still want to go and participate you are welcome to join us in seeking the face of God for our community. 

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Anonymous said...

traci,if you have any emptyu slors..and you will accept a 'long distance' pray...erer....i would love to take a turn. let me know..mama