Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Learning about myself at the YMCA

For about a year now Matt and I have been members of the YMCA and every once in a while I will post about something that I am learning or experiencing there. Today I realized something...

I have been taking the 6AM classes regularly and there a core group of people who are there each time. We have become a sort of community in ourselves. We have jokes, we commiserate about tough work outs, we encourage one another, and some people have even come out to support fundraisers that I am apart of.

However, I don't really HAVE to be anywhere early in the morning and started considering sleeping in a bit more. This seemed like a good plan because the Y offered some new classes on Monday and Tuesday that don't start until 7 or 7:15. I thought to myself, an extra hour or so of sleep sounds excellent. I'll try them out and see how it goes. Well, I did that yesterday and today.

Don't get me wrong the work outs were great, but it just wasn't the same. I found myself passing by the people I know on their way out the door and my way in. I was one of only a couple people in 7AM classes and missed the communal aspect. I realized that exercise for me has changed from a get in burn some calories and get out mentality. Now I love the process, I am enjoying other people as well as the work out.

All of that to say, I think my 5:30 alarm will keep ringing... the more I am getting "older and wiser" :) The more I am learning that life is about the process.


Charlotte said...

I miss the YMCA, the communal aspect of excercise and the joy of it. This made me want to cry because the Y is one of things I miss most about my old life.
I miss you too!!!

Mandy said...

Oh that is awesome Traci! I hope to join at the Y sometimes after having our son and my 6 week check up! Glad you are learning while working out.