Monday, March 2, 2009

Shiloah, Hannah, and baby Norah

Matt and I traveled to Roanoke this weekend to visit my family. Corey and Daniel just had their 3rd little girl, Norah. She is precious, but as a week old she doesn't really do much besides "milk", poop and sleep.

She is also bigger than I expected, maybe its because when we went to visit Hannah, she was tiny and also the first newborn I had ever held. Now, there are newborns all over the place in my circle of friends :)

I got to hold her a few times and also help Hannah and Shiloah hold her. They are so cute with Norah.

Matt and I also got to play with Shiloah and Hannah. They painted our finger nails. (yes, Matt's too!). One hand pink, the other hand white and both with sparkles. Matt is such a great Uncle.

One of my favorite moments from the trip was watching Matt carry Shiloah upstairs. As soon as he picked her up she got a huge smile on her face and then laid her head on his shoulder. It looked like she was in heaven. Pretty Sweet!

Dancing with Hannah was a highlight. Or was she Cinderlla or Snow white when we were dancing? I can't remember, but I love twirling around in circles in front of a mirror, so I fit right in with them.

I miss them, but it was fun to visit :)


Anonymous said...

what beautiful pictures traci! i LOVE the one with you and Norah!! matt is a wonderful uncle and you are a wonderful aunt!!blessings abound.

love, mama

Dana Enzor said...

Shiloah is HUGE!!! Last time I saw her she was toddling around with little patches of hair and still had her "baby face". Wow...I didn't think it had been that long.

traci said...

Its crazy isn't it Dana. She is talking and like a "real" person now! They are awesome little girls :)