Saturday, March 14, 2009

Jaffa-- almost done :)

Jaffa was the final city that we explored our trip to Israel. It was one of my favorite destinations because it reminded me of somewhere that Matt and I would love to randomly go and spend a day walking around trying to find an adventure.

It was a bit odd spending the day in such a romantic location with my brother, we took a long walk through the town and had great meaningful conversations, we even sat at a table sipping cappuccino as the sun was setting. It was a great time to connect with him. But, this is when I started missing Matt the most.

Also, Corey and Scott decided that they wanted to fight the Napoleon statue right after we got off the bus and we had to hold them back :)

After traveling throughout the deeply religious landscape for the past 8 days, Jaffa had a bit of a different feel... as you can see from the picture of the ram, there is a bridge with all of the signs of the zodiac. You are supposed to be able to go there and make a wish while holding onto your sign. I guess this is just another type of religion as well.

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Corey said...

napolean really couldn't handle me