Monday, March 9, 2009

Desiring some feedback

A few weeks ago Matt and I were exploring like we typically do on the weekends and came across a house that we really liked. Unfortunately, this house was not for sale or under construction so we thought seeing the inside would be a long shot... Well, leave it to us to find a way!

Matt went and knocked on the door and the 2 minute conversation turned into a 15 minute full tour of the home, contact info and dreams in our head. It was the grandma who gave us the tour, so we called Murt to talk a few days later. He sent us to The Bungalow Company... This is where our dream house was created.

As many of you know, Matt and I live in a 600 sq ft house and have been dreaming ever since we moved in about what types of expansions are possible. Its almost been 4 years and we are itching to have more space. So, we talked to a renovator on Friday. Michael Powell from Archwood Building Company is a regular customer of mine at NoFo. He came and had a convo with us that helped us think through some things and made the decision become more a realistic option. Wow! We could be doing this...

So, my questions (not stressing about it because that is not aloud via Matthew Rowe):
  • How much is too much? I want something that I can clean, has resale appeal, but isn't over the top. We have a budget that we feel good about, but right now we are able to save and be generous and I don't really want either one of those to change... I want to be more generous.
  • Are we smart or stupid to consider taking on more of an investment in our current economy? Fortunately, we are some of the people who have not been affected directly yet by the economic downturn and could be in a good place to do something like this. I'm just a little uncertain.
My confession:
  • I think I get something out of being able to say that we live in a 600 sqft. house. Somehow that makes me a martyr or someone who is stronger, different or more righteous that others. Really? Did I just admit that? Yep! Its true. I am a little scared of loosing that edge (even if its just in my head)
What I really want:
  • A bigger kitchen, so that more than one person can be in there at a time
  • Space to host people for dinner and parties, Matt feels very uncomfortable having more than one other couple over a time.
  • Space to have people spend the night, (right now our second bedroom is more like an office and we have to borrow an air mattress and then climb over them to get to our dresser if they sleep past 8AM)
  • A second bathroom... need I say more?
Okay, so those are my questions and thoughts. I would love some feedback. I am asking because I want to keep us honest as we move forward and make big decisions about how we are spending our money.


jennynaree said...

I love it, just the way it is! But, if you wanted to spare some sq ft, you could forego the library and put the master bath there. Then you could put the powder room where the "nook" is and get rid of the big mudroom.

Truely, I think it is awesome...I LOVE the bunglow look and you know now I will be stalking that website :)

Dana Enzor said...

I think this is a great layout. Knowing what I know because of John, I might consider moving the Laundry facilities downstairs, and maybe follow what Jennynaree said about changing the nook to the powder room, and putting the washer/dryer where the powder room is on the floor plans (in the mudd room). Laundry rooms upstairs can easily lead to water leaks that turn into ceiling problems from the downstairs.

I couldn't tell the total square footage on this layout, but it doesn't seem so big that it won't sale. And our market has to turn around eventually, and probably soon. The welcoming feel to the layout and outside appearance coupled with the "country"/bungalow feel will fit well in Raleigh. You will probably want to stay in it for atleast a few years (if not much much more since you're so obviously in love with it!) so you will make your money back on it.

I love this house. It's very warm, and welcoming...obviously a Rowe house! :)

Kim Smith said...

I'm loving it! Which room will be our kids' rooms? :)

Amanda said...

Mike and I have recently talked a lot about simplicity in our life and what that would look like. We are in ways like you, knew what we wanted to spend, stayed within the budget and are still able to give. Our house is really to big for us. We don't even use three rooms. But when we have lots of guests visiting or friends over, I remember the purpose of our investment. And in a way, having the extra rooms allows us to give more. I still don't like cleaning 1700 sq feet and sometimes think life would be simpler with less but I am learning to be satisfy with what I have been given. I think either way God will use what you have.

Anonymous said...

i adore you..and i think the designs are awesome. mama

Jon said...

Forget it all and move to East Raleigh, there are 3 for sale on my road right now.