Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I have recently been convicted about the power of prayer. I pray, but I don't really get into it as much as I would like to. I think I might be missing something.

Last night I prayed with my husband before we slept. We do this sometimes, but I am starting to see the potential power of doing this more often. This morning I felt like I was praying in a new way, in spirit and in truth.

I was thinking about posting the prayer that I wrote in my journal because I feel like I am on to something with passionately and faithfully asking for God's kingdom, adoring him, and confessing to him... but, then I started thinking... didn't Jesus say not pray on the street corners so that others would see our long fabulous articulate prayers...

I do think that we can benefit from hearing each other's prayers, but I have to be cautious of one my tendancies (pride). Do I want to show people how awesome my faith is or do I want to encourage others through showing new ways to love and cherish our father in heaven? a little of both I think...

So, I'm not posting it. But, I am writing to say that prayer is sometimes a challenging thing to wrap our minds around but, I am starting to see the power of prayer and how much it can alter my perspective on situations, my ability to trust God, and my ability to take risks in faith. God is so huge! I love that!

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Anonymous said...

I would be encouraged to read your prayer. You could e-mail it to me if you want to. I'd give all the praise to God!! I promise.love, mom

But.. i still think you're awesome!!