Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Check this out :


The Hathaways sent one to us... they don't take long to make!


Shannon Smith said...

There has been an epidemic of people "elfing" themselves here at work.

My friend Legolas is highly offended by the notion that humans could become elves.

There's another step you can take in your transformation from human to elf; you can discover your new name here.

traci said...

So apparently my elf name is Anaranë Silimaurë...

I would like one that I can pronounce, but its alright.

Just in case you were wondering Shannon, your name is Finrod Helyanwë!

Jon said...

where did you get than picture of Matt?? He looks insane.

traci said...

Matt was packing up the car and I caught him off guard... not insane :)