Friday, December 21, 2007

Top Songs of the 90's


I love the end of the year because TV stations do special count downs that help me to reminisce about the past.

I grew up in the 90s and pride myself on knowing most lyrics to songs that came on the radio while I was at gymnastics practice, high school dances, driving in my first car, hanging out with friends, making up dances, and just being silly.

I typically can't hold attention to shows that well, but this one kept me glued to the couch because I couldn't wait to see what else they were going to bring out.

Do you agree with #1? What memories do any of these songs bring for you?


Erin L said...

What a fun list! Really took me back. I think I do agree with #1, and I agree with most of the rest of the list, although I think some of the songs should be higher than they are.

traci said...

Dave Matthews is missing from the list...

Crash: 1996
Satellite: 1994

Erin L said...

Oh wow, you're right!
Then this list is totally bogus. :)