Thursday, December 27, 2007

My husband

Too bad, but this Christmas my handsome husband was a bit sick... I think something has been going around. Having an upset stomach didn't keep him from having a great time though...

Isn't he good looking?

He gave me a spice rack that I am getting ready to go put together.

We are also going to take a trip to Wilmington. When we were dating we spent the weekend there for Valentine's day and discovered a delicious restaurant that we have been dying to go back to. This is where we discovered one of our favorite wine's.

This was the Christmas for giving weekend get aways... for my parents, for his parents, dinner for Corey and Danielle. I think its essential to continue to date and have romance while you are married. Hopefully these experiences will provide an opportunity for all to do that!

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the opportunity to invest in our relationship. it's still just as important as always..if not more!! thank you. mom and dad