Monday, December 3, 2007

Honey on my lips

Over the weekend I had two conversations with friends that pushed me in my relationship with God.

1) One friend said like it was nothing, so I read John over Thanksgiving and then Mark last week... we then talked about questions we were struggling with and how the Spirit of God transforms our lives from the inside out.

2) Another friend reminded me what its like to desire so deeply to understand who God is and what his word is telling us. She compared reading the Bible to reading a good novel, not able to get enough.

These two instances helped me to reconnect with the power of the Word to transform our lives, with the desire to know God, to seek, to ask questions, to be renewed everyday.

I say this because in conversation #2, I had the Bible with me that I have had since I was 16. There are highlights, underlines, folded pages, handouts from bible studies and conferences, etc. My friend said she couldn't wait for the day that her Bible looked like mine... I am thankful for the richness of growing up in a relationship with God, but I also need to be reminded that I there are many more highlighting and page bending opportunities ahead of me...

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