Thursday, December 27, 2007

So much to share

I am going to have to do several posts to capture the past few days... they have been absolutely fabulous! I have thoroughly enjoyed being around family and friends to celebrate Jesus' birth.

Several things to celebrate:

1) Sleeping past 9 three days in a row (for me this a huge accomplishment)!
2) Cleaning under our bed (first time in two years)
3) Cranium Championships with Matt's family (we rock at this game)
4) Getting countless packs of Orbit in my stocking (thanks mom)
5) Delicious meals (Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie is my favorite)
6) Puzzle time!
7) Singing songs to our King
8) Playing with kids
9) Starting a new family tradition (walking in the woods with Baily)
10) Learning about Matt and his family (pictures to come)

And so much more...

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