Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Anyone have New York Advice?

Matt and I are going to New York City on Saturday.

He has a work thing and I get to go along. My dad also has a work thing and my mom gets to go with him. So, my mom and I get to hang out while our hubbies work.

Saturday night the four of us are going to see Mama Mia and I want to get get on the Today show, but those are our only events for now.

This is where you come in:

We are going to be there until Wednesday morning and I am looking for top picks of things to see and do, places to shop, eat, and places to stay away from.

Also, any ideas for what I should write on my poster to get on the Today show?



Shannon Smith said...

"Accidentally", steal pizza from a local pizza joint and get a parking ticket and don't pay it. That's what we did while we were in NY. Ask Matt he should be able to tell you haw to accomplish those things.

Sam Ed. said...

Traci, I have three recommendations...

1) Go on the NBC Studios tour! It was great fun! You get to see sets and stuff which I thought was really fun! You can usually go on the SNL set!

2) Shop at Century 21 (It's like Marshalls or TJ Maxx, but designer stuff and five or six stories!). They have everything from clothes, to bags, to home goods! (22 Cortlandt Street, between Chruch and Broadway in Manhatten)

3) Eat at S'Mac! All S'Mac serves is Mac 'n Cheese served a million different ways! Different Cheeses...different meats...all yummy! (In the East village...345 E. 12th Street)

Help any?

traci said...

Thanks for the suggestions Sam! My mom and I are planning on shopping and matt loves cheese!

davo said...

Forget the Today Show, get on this or that. :-)

Dave said...


Letterman at Ed Sullivan Theater off 57th west.

FAO Schwartz (Avenue of the Americas just south of Central Park South) - CBS Morning show shoots next door.

St Patricks' Cathedral (460 Madison)

Empire State building ($45, cold, but the view is stunning)

Rotatating restaraunt atop Marriot Marquis Hotel (1535 Broadway) - killer view scrolls by at night

Metropolitan Museum of Art - One of the best in the world (5th at 82nd)

Skating at Rockefeller Center (5th at 49th or 50th)

Have fun

Jenny Benny said...

I blogged!