Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year

I have tried several times to come up with some profound words to share for the new year, but they are escaping me.

Instead, I am going to share some pictures of the Birthday Party/ New Years Eve Celebration that we were a part of.

Jeff impressed us all with his decorations.

Purple is one of my favorite colors!

Bobbi Jo's birthday cake was delicious too! I have come to realize that Sam's, Cosco, Food Lion, etc. all have really yummy sheet cakes.

The past week has been full of time with friends. Jessica and Hunt were in town for a few days, Dave and Shannon were in town from LA, and The Elli came to visit.

This is one of the reasons that I love the holidays... people!

But, now we are returning to our "regular" lives... many of us are searching for direction with careers, relationships, families, homes, how to best spend our time...

the New Year is an opportunity for us to put one foot in front of the other and take steps of faith, trusting that with each step there will be ground beneath our feet, and if there isn't we can dust off our knees and get back up and keep going.

But, not on our own... we need friends, we need family, we need Jesus...

Happy New Year!

I'm looking forward to the new possibilities ahead.


Anonymous said...

may the new year bring you as many blessings as the old.
Ps-send my love to all of your Raleigh friends.

Anonymous said...

i am so grateful for the bount of friendship God has provided for and provides through you. love, your most faithful poster.