Monday, January 28, 2008

Taxi to Brooklyn

Does anyone watch Sex and The City? When we were in NY I was reminded of one of the episodes where Miranda decided to move to Brooklyn. This was a traumatic experience for her because she was going to be so far away from all that was familiar to her. Part of the episode showed a taxi driver denying her and Cary a ride to Brooklyn.

On Sunday afternoon my parents and I wanted to go see the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir because my dad and I used to sing some of their fabulous anthems when we were part of Covenant Presbyterian Church.

In order to get there we hailed a taxi, and asked him to go to Brooklyn. After a few confused looks and exchanges he reluctantly decided to take us. We hopped in and off we were, over the Brooklyn Bridge and to the other side of town. I also had to help navigate (because I know NY so well) using a map that the hotel concierge gave us. Fun adventures!!

We arrived in time to be a part of the afternoon worship service. Everyone was very friendly and we enjoyed ourselves, except that the service lasted a bit longer than I expected it would.

Afterwards we were on a mission to get a cab back to our hotel in Manhattan. I give props to my dad for getting us a driver. Thanks for being resourceful.


Anonymous said...

traci- you got some great pictures!! thanks for the posts.
love, mom

amy hathaway said...

As an avid Sex and the City watcher, I have to tell you, Traci, that it's spelled "Carrie", not "Cary"! :) Don't you remember her Carrie necklace?

george said...

Yea, taxis. They don't want to leave Manhattan for Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx - anywhere else, in fact - because it's so much harder to pick up a fare in those other places. Then they have to drive back to Manhattan empty - losing money. That's why there's a law in NYC that cab drivers cannot refuse to take you to any of the boroughs, Westchester, Nassau, or Newark Airport (see Taxi Passenger's Bill of Rights). Of course, enforcing it becomes the issue - especially if you don't live there. Locals take the cab and driver ID numbers and report to the taxi commission. Anyway, glad you made it to Brooklyn!