Thursday, January 24, 2008


Today I was watching the news and can't help the erie feeling that I was in NYC blocks away from where Heath Ledger died. His death is tragic and sad, and I do feel for the family and friends who have people like me commenting on the nature of his death and what this means for society, etc. etc... They probably have enough pain without all of the news. But, I can't help but make a comment on one news clip I saw on Fox news this morning.

There is a church that is picketing his funeral. Besides the fact that they had to fly to New York from Kansas, they are actually telling people that he is in Hell and that God Hates Him. Seriously? This is ludicrous. It makes me mad and I wish people would not be so dumb.


Bernie said...

Traci, this church has been doing horrible things for years now. I started following them when they picketed Matthew Shepherd's funeral, and I've heard the leaders on several interviews. I feel badly for them in a way, b/c life can't be good when you are filled with so much hatred. They have also done a lot of picketing at the funerals of soldiers coming home form Iraq. I can't understand their thinking on that one. Thankfully, everyone seems to understand that they do not represent mainstream Christianity in any way.

As for Heath Ledger, we have lost a very talented artist. Of course, we don't know the details of it all, and it's not fair to speculate, but, no matter what the reason, his death is a tragedy. As I was watching the clips of him with his daughter, I was thinking about all the families who lose loved ones due to depression and substance abuse. That definitely gave me some inspiration for my work - these mental health problems are so often treatable and don't have to end in a serious loss. It's so sad to see that people carry around so much pain. As followers of Christ, I pray that we can bring some light to the lives of those around us.

Jon said...

Good comments Bernie. How are the actions of this church showing the love of Christ? Disgusting.