Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Aren't birthday's suposed to be perfect?

Today I turn 27. I thought I would wake up refreshed and ready to go. I have a fun day ahead of me, lunch with friends, dinner with friends, walks with friends, cards in the mail with $$$ in them :) But, it was sooo hard to get out of bed. After I made my coffee and poured a cup, I got out my frying pan and there was a bug in it... yuck!!! After cleaning that, I was still a little discombobulated and knocked over the full mug while in the middle of my breakfast routine.

*SIDE NOTE* I make eggs, toast, and drink juice from a champagne glass almost every day.

I then turned off the eye of the stove, the broiler, and soaked up the coffee that is still probably under the microwave and thought... really? its my birthday? Then the phone rang (for the 3rd time before 9AM). I love it that I am loved and people want to wish me a happy birthday, but at this point I was in no mood to answer the phone.

After cleaning the coffee up, I proceeded to make my standard fare and decided not to talk to anyone until after talking to Jesus. This helped a lot! My time with Him was excellent (except that I was craving one more cup of coffee). I have some additional insights to share from that conversation, but that will be in the net post.

My theory on why I'm having a hard time is because whenever I work at NoFo I drink Diet Coke all day. This leaves me a bit dehydrated. I also had cookie crisp cereal and oreos for dinner last night, so my sugar levels are probably recovering as well...

So, maybe the start of my day wasn't perfect, but its getting better already. 27 here I come!!!


Anonymous said...

i just adore you!!
love, your mom

Mip said...

hey, happy birthday! And I can already affirm that you make a great Director of Home Groups and Connections...our conversation was very helpful for me :)

Shannon Smith said...

Melinda, Are you a part of Visio Dei? If so, I'll add you to my list.