Monday, March 3, 2008

Another reason why I am loving the YMCA

I like to take Sports Conditioning on Monday and Wednesday mornings before the sun comes up. I started going at this time because it fit best into my schedule but now, even when I could go later, I still frequent this class. To be honest, its hit or miss for me on the quality of work out I feel I'm getting, but the reason I keep going is the people that I get to talk to.

I think I crave the influence of people with more life experience than I have. There are a lot of those people in this class. One woman in particular often shares insights with me. This morning she just asked me if I had a good weekend, which led to a conversation about meeting our neighbors.

*Last night we had a delicious meal with some of our neighbors. Thanks Chewy's!

I mentioned to her how much I am enjoying my new found relationships with several of my neighbors, but how it has taken a long time (we've lived here for over 2 years) for me to reach out and take the steps to build these friendships. She then told me a story of how she meets her neighbors.

After getting settled in a new house she hosts and open house to make the initial contact and then from there on out has an open house every Thursday night. The neighborhood knows that when the lights are on the door is open. Some of the neighbors come every week and other ones only come once every couple months. She went on to tell me how it brings the neighborhood together, together so much that they have rescued one another from abusive relationships and have cared for friends facing cancer and through sicknesses of loved ones.

Its encouraging because this wasn't just a one time occurrence in a "special" situation for her, it is a way of life that she has carried to multiple cities since the 80s.

My challenge with doing this is our house. I love having people over, but we don't have much room and its not the most "kid friendly" place. Maybe I don't need to worry about that stuff or maybe I need to look further into our new house option... see post to come about this in the next day or so...

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Sam Ed. said...

Traci! I think this is a great idea! DO IT! I live in a cul-du-sac on my street. We all pretty much have an open door policy with each other. Except for one married couple, we're all younger folks. Let's see...we have Juan who is in a latin music band, another is a interior designer, an older married couple, two of my neighbors (Art and Ann) are dating each other, a band on the brink of making it big, and a young gay couple. It has been an unblievable blessing to step out and get to know these folks!

Now, don't get me wrong, this was not my doing. They were doing this when I showed up on the sceen...I just joined in! We have a blast hanging out! We're always out in the cul-du-sac hanging out, letting the dogs play, etc.

Having an open door policy with your neighbors can make your living environment a TOTAL different experience! I look forward to hearing more!