Thursday, March 27, 2008


I have to bust out the Orange story again! I'm not sure if I have posted this on my blog already, but I have shared it with several people... and it never gets old to me.

I have rediscovered my favorite food... ORANGES!!! I think it happens about this time each year. The wonderful sweet and tangy fruit is in season and I am reminded of God's goodness.

In high school I was having a real bad morning one day and was frustrated because I didn't have my favorite cereal or normal apple to eat... all we had was oranges... so I ate one and it blew my mind how delicious it was... the rest of my day was fabulous and I actually wrote several essays about how God reminds of his goodness through simple things.

In college I had an aversion to flowers (I am allergic to fragrances) and too many boys sent me flowers that, to me, were meaningless gestures of their unwanted affection. So, for my birthday my roommates gave me a bouquet of oranges to symbolize how much they cared for me. I will never forget that day!

Today, I just got off the phone with my brother and admitted to him that God has been rocking my world a little bit recently and I have been praying for a reminder that I don't need to doubt, but to trust... then I got a hankerin' for an orange.

Yep, it was delicious! God is good :)


Kim Smith said...

You are silly and I LOVE it!

Mandy said...

that is awesome! I learned something new about you from this post! :)

Corey said...

i'm glad our conversation made you go for an orange and not for some liquor....

ha ha