Saturday, March 1, 2008

Values Recap

The reason I asked the question about Values came from the devotional book that I am doing. This book is great and really makes me think. It raises more questions than gives me answers. I like that (sort of). Thanks CRM!

Last night's conversation also included a reflection on this. One of the things that struck me was that there are some values that over lap between what our culture values and what Jesus talks about.

Its in my extreme nature to want to provide polar opposites, which is true in a lot of areas, but its also valuable to see where there are overlaps and celebrate those things.

If anything this quest continues to push me towards looking at how I orient my life. I'm not proud of some of the things that I focus on way too much... beauty and being accepted are two that I find hard not to idolize... even if unintentionally... Yet, there are other things that I am celebrating... generosity, humility, grace, freedom... these take intentionality...

I want to offer another suggestion:
Its not that cultural values are all negative and Kingdom values are the only place to find good, but its recognizing where our direction comes from... so, if we don't buy into cultural values, or say we don't, then where do we find our foundations? is it from the kingdom? is it from some place else?

Please keep letting me know what your thoughts are on what cultural and kingdom values are, maybe even look for the overlaps and the opposites.


Amy said...

This question of where do we find our foundations is something I have been thinking about recently. I have realized that when I have a question or a problem, I tend to seek out an expert in that field and look to them for answers.

I don't think there is anything wrong with this, but I realized recently that it is much easier to rest in another person than it is to rest in God. It is easier to get my values from watching another person than it is to know God. It is easier to listen to another person than to listen to God. I have ears to hear the voices of men, but can I even hear if God were to speak?

I find myself thinking that I want to hear from God, that I want God to direct my path, to give me my values, etc, but I would much rather rest in another person...and let them worry about resting in God. It is so much easier to get advise from the expert rather than become the expert myself.

I think this is also often reflected in the books I read. How often do I read books about God, looking for the 'expert' opinions on God and issues...and how often do I read books written by God (the Bible), going directly to the source, willing to learn and think for myself?

traci said...

challenging thoughts for sure!