Saturday, March 1, 2008

Crazy Talents

Last night we went out with the Smiths and the Lavins to have drinks and celebrate Shannon's Birthday.

Happy Birthday Shannon!

I enjoyed the conversation the entire time and several other posts will come out of it as well. (I had to make a list of interesting thoughts from last night so that I wouldn't forget to share them with the virtual world)

I'm not often moved to go find videos on youtube, but I just spent 15 minutes searching until I found one of the videos that Erin and Matt were talking about. I picked this one for a couple reasons... its short, to music, and Vova and Olga look so happy at the end of it.

Thanks for the fun insights Lavins! Ya'll rock!


Kim Smith said...

Wow... they do that with such ease. Matt & Erin, you were right... that's incredible and they do it like it's no big deal. Amazing.

Shannon Smith said...

Here is the Fat Boy Slim video that got the conversation started.

It's pretty rad.

Erin said...

Wow Traci, you're quick - I was going to send you a bunch of links today but you're already on top of it. Make sure you check out the Fat Boy Slim video! I love that house.

Their official website is here and they have a ton of stuff on youtube as well.