Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Warning: This may be a bit deep, but its worth a read.

About 5 years ago I spent a couple months in Arizona. While I was there I was stripped of many of the activities that I typically fill my life with. This was one of the most difficult times in my life. I was forced to challenge my perspective on myself, God, what matters, etc.

One of the new things I attempted to learn how to do was play the guitar. I haven't kept up the skill, but I busted out the guitar and old song books on Sunday afternoon. I still have long way to go and am thankful for my friends who are sharing strum patterns and practical ways to improve with me.

I can play one song fairly well and I think its because my soul sang it for a while. I played it and sang it recently and thought I would share...

Been broken, put through a fire
Felt the heat melt all my strength away.
Felt so lonely, felt so abandoned.
"Where is God," I heard my little voice say

I need You, I need You,
Oh Lord please hold me next to You,
I need You, I need You,
Oh Lord, don't let me fall from You,

Lord I know this world isn't easy,
And I know that You never promised no pain,
Trails will come, and trials will test me,
But help me Lord, its hard to see them as gain...

I forgot that You're right beside me,
Let me know that You're with me through the length.
Though I'm weak, this is my prayer,

Through my weakness, Lord please be my strength

Have you ever felt this way? Do these word bring hope to your soul?

The do to mine. Its important for me to remember where I have come from and how much I still need Jesus... I need You, I need You....

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Anonymous said...

this song is written on my heart as well...i would love to hear you sing it again!!!