Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bird's Nest

Yes, this is a Winter wreath that is still up on our door as we are nearing Easter.

A little, back story is necessary... last winter we had a few visitors at our house... birds who flew in as we opened the door. I screamed and hid and Matt chased them out the window.

This year, I realized why they liked coming in so much... they live on our door.

We are in a little dilemma because we don't want to take the wreath down, but I don't want to have to enter our house by the back door...

Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

ha ha. we had this happen to us two times last year. the covered porch is a great draw for birdies!! we actually waited until the eggs hatched and the little birds flew away and used the back door for a couple of months! good luck! love, mama

traci said...

we moved the wreath to the corner of the porch and the birds are still using it... so we are safe now.