Friday, January 23, 2009

Clumsy much?

So, today I have been having some issues...

It started with cycling class... I felt the seat wobble beneath me during one of the songs so I reached down to tighten it up and ended up unscrewing the whole thing so that the entire seat fell off in the middle of class... OOPS!! Thankfully it didn't take me that long to reattach it :)

Then I went to get some coffee from Starbucks (I love Gift Cards!) and dropped the sleeve on the floor and almost hit the person next to me when walking out of the cafe.

Then, coming home I made my standard eggs, toast, juice, and jam breakfast and went to sit down and start praying... About 10 minutes later Matt walked around the corner and was like... Babe? Do you see this smoke?

What? I didn't even notice, but I had forgotten to turn off the eye of the stove and the spatula burned onto the egg frying pan... OOPS again. Thankfully I didn't burn the house down. But, that pan and spatula are done for.

Matt was shocked that I didn't notice the smoke... I was in my own little world.

So, there you have it. I hope the rest of the day is free from mishaps, but we'll see what it holds.


Kim Smith said...

That's funny. I can see Matt being nonchalant about it and asking that question about the smoke! My mom used to call me "Kimberly the Klutz" when I was young because I was so clumsy. I guess I grew out of it, though! I'm glad that you're okay!

Dana Enzor said...

wow! haha I almost run over someone about every day, so I feel your embarassment on that one! I once burned the spatula to the eye of the stove...that stunk more than it made smoke.

You seem to have a streak going today. (Mental note: stay away from Traci today)


Patrick said...

burn the house down? so you are going to start on that new house in the midst of this lovely economy. i appluad your adventurous spirit.