Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm struggling

One of the biggest questions that I have coming from my trip is about the amount of death and destruction in the Old Testament. The photos that are in this post show the variety of landscape that occurs in Israel.

This morning I was reading in Joshua about where the Israeli people take the land that God has promised to them.

In order to do this many, many, people, women and children included had to die. I don't understand this.

Its hard to reconcile because when Jesus comes in the New Testament we don't see any of this sort of violence. We see a different way of living and progressive inclusion of people groups rather than destruction of them.

My questions... did God somehow change? If I believe that God doesn't change then how do I make sense of this? Is this one of those questions that I am going to be asking until I see Jesus face to face?



Hugh Hollowell said...

You only ask easy questions, you know?

You cannot start with this question. Before you ever get here, you have to reconcile things like "What sort of God do I believe in?" or "What do I believe about the book we call the Bible?". Only after coming to terms with those can you address a question like this.

My thoughts on this, like my thoughts on all things, can be had in exchange for a cup of coffee...

traci said...

Yes... I like to keep us thinking, actually I figure my head spins around with these thoughts, why shouldn't yours too??

Yes, I will exchange coffee for thoughts... email to come soon