Thursday, January 22, 2009

Isaiah 61

While we were in Jerusalem we got to spend some time visiting with a couple of incredible Jewish men who own a shop. In this shop every item has some type of spiritual or scriptural significance and they also consider the shop to be a place of dialogue for people of all faiths to come together and talk with one another. 

We spent two short stints inside. This is where I bought my olive branch ring (I'll tell that story later). But, Corey was looking for something with Isaiah 61 on it... he asked and we looked it up with the owner but they didn't have anything with this passage. 

I wondered why they didn't have this passage represented?  For those of us Christians, Isaiah 61 seems to be one of the most famous Old Testament passages and the one that we cling to as Jesus read a portion of it in the synagogue when starting his ministry.  

Maybe the Bible has a ton of verses in it and it would be impossible for them to have a representation of all of them? Maybe no one has asked them for that passage before? Maybe they understand that passage completely differently than the way I do and it doesn't carry as much significance? Maybe it could mean significant things and that makes them nervous? 

Then the man told Corey that when he came back he would have something made with this verse on it. Corey was like, I'm not sure if I'll be back... and the man said, "Oh, you will be :)

We had several conversations with folks over there that left me thinking so many different things. 

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