Thursday, January 15, 2009

I will eat Jam on my toast

The last breakfast of our trip I made the statement, "I will eat jam on my toast." I wasn't sure if I would actually follow through, but for the past week I have been enjoying some of grandma's home made blackberry jam each morning with my typical eggs, toast, juice, coffee, and water...

This decision came because the Gloria Hotel served an apricot jam at breakfast that I really enjoyed. Their eggs left a little to be desired, but I really liked their jam and their butter. For some reason it was just better there than any butter I have had here, since returning I have also enjoyed some butter on my toast as well. I just didn't think to put it on there before, but now. I stick to my statement, "I will eat jam on my toast" and occasionally some butter too!

This is just a glimpse of the delicious food choices we had in Israel. Really, my favorite food is a toss up between Falafel that we often had for lunch and the glorious buffets of salads each night for dinner.

Most of you know how much I like beets and to so many of you, this is one of the most disgusting veggies out there. Well, FYI, in Israel they had beet salad at every hotel we went to and I loved it!!

The first night that we walked into the dinning hall I must have looked like a kid in a candy store when I saw the spread of brightly colored veggies strewn before me. Wow! All you can eat, hummus, tahini, cabbage, egg plant, sweet potatoes, beets, carrots, chick peas blended with different yummyness, tabouli... I was in Traci Food Paradise for a week! I don't think my plate has ever been so colorful and I wish that I had a picture to show you.

If I lived in the Mediterranean I think I would be a vegetarian because there were so many delicious options. I haven't had much of this feasting since being back, so let me know if you want to have lunch at Neomonde's!


Julie said...

There are so many comments I have about this post:
1. I became in love with Mediterranean/Middle Eastern food while in Switzerland because I often stayed w/ an Israeli family. It must have been quite a paradise to have all those foods in the place of origin.
2. I would love to go to Neomunde or any other place serving those foods with you, anytime.
3. I like beets, too. Probably not as much as you, but I like their color and the flavor's not that bad either.
4. I am excited you now like to eat jam on your toast.
5. I wish we could go on an adventure together. I think you'd be a fun one to go on an adventure with.

Jenny Benny said...

I love Neomonde's! we need to go sometime.

I love that you like a colorful plate. Being a nerdy designer, I have a hard time eating if it's not all pretty and colorful.

traci said...

Fabulous... the three us need to go, next week??

Charlotte said...

Traci you can probably finish my quote but... there is no love more sincere than the love of food. It is one of the most important elements to any culture and everytime I read about you enjoying it to the fullest it puts a big smile on my face. The butter probably tasted better b/c it did not come from a spray top.

Julie said...

I love how we're making plans through blog posts. I'm glad I checked back:). YES- I'll check and see when I can go..maybe we can meet for lunch on Wed or Fri? I wish my schedule wasn't so screwy right now and that Neomonde's was closer but we can make it happen:).