Saturday, January 17, 2009

Western Wall

The Western Wall is the wall just next to where the current Dome of the Rock is. Back in the first century this would have been the closest place to where the Jews had their temple and where the "Holy of Holies" would be. This is where they believe that God's presence resided for the Jewish people.

Ever since the temple was destroyed around 70AD the area has been in turmoil with who gets what pieces. The Western Wall (thankfully in my opinion) is still a place where people from all over the world can come and pray, worship, reflect, etc.

It was an odd experience for me, walking up to the wall. It is split between a male side and a female side (the female side is much smaller). We were 3 people deep standing facing the wall praying, touching the wall, and sliding little pieces of paper with prayers written on them into the crevices in the wall.

I walked up there and bowed my head. It was beautiful, It was awkward, I'm still trying to make sense of it.

From my perspective, God lives inside of me and hears me just as much when I am sitting in my living room as when I am in Jerusalem. So, it bugs me a little that people go and touch a wall for some sort of power or reassurance. On the other hand, there was sense of desire to get closer to God. To get in touch with his presence and to consider his power and the honor that God really deserves. This is something that I could use more of sometimes... awe... wonder... dependence...

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