Wednesday, January 14, 2009


There are so many things I am thinking,.. anyone care to weigh in?


Shannon Smith said...

I realize that this is not what you were going for, but the reporting seems very odd. They are not acting like normal newscasters at all. Their behavior is very strange.

"I'm gonna to say it... a hooker."
"That's what she says."
"She ain't going to be my therapist."

traci said...

Yep. The whole video seemed kind of odd... like a mixture of this girl is really mixed up, to the reporters have no clue on culture and society and what goes on in the sex industry, to the reasons why this girl would want to sell her virginity and want to be a therapist, to me that says no coincidence, she probably has a lot of hurt that she is learning from.

those are just a few of the observations...