Monday, January 26, 2009

What of it?

Saturday night was a ton of fun. I have lots of friends who are getting ready to bring babies into the world in the next few months. We got to celebrate Kim at Amedeo's on Saturday night.

I had the privilege of sitting with a few ladies that I don't spend enough time with. Laughter is amazing and we laughed so much! I learned several new phrases... "what of it?" and "Oh, Hell to the no!" You may catch me using these in the not too distant future. Thanks Kim SK (not to be confused with Smith) for increasing my vocabulary :)

These ladies also got to hear stories about my denim designs from Jr. High as I filled them in on what life is like in the NOKE; living life at the Country Store.

Wow! So many wonderful things happening around me, friendships, laughter, babies, lots of love going around.


Mandy said...

Oh it was a lot of fun. And you are right. Your end of the table never stopped laughing! I am glad you were there to celebrate with us. Thanks for posting pictures. I added my pictures to flickr and facebook! I will try to blog about the event soon as well.

traci said...

My pics are on facebook now. Enjoy :) I really like the one of Kim and I that you made beigeish (I'm sure that has a proper name).

Kim Smith said...

I feel so blessed to have you ladies in my life! Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time, and I'm so glad! And Traci, I believe the term for "beigeish" that you are looking for is sepia. :) Love you!