Monday, January 12, 2009

A surprise... the EMPTY tomb

For some reason, growing up in Sunday school and in my imagination I always pictured the tomb of Jesus to be a huge cave with a boulder 10-20 feet tall in front of it. I pictured the lights coming back on and him standing up straight and then with his little finger sliding a massive boulder back with gleaming lights all around him.

Now, I picture the scene a bit differently... these are pictures of typical tombs in Jesus' day (what I learned is called the first century). What happened was there is a central cave where the body would be prepared and then several shafts along the side of each wall that bodies would be slid into.

So, in order for Jesus to rise from the dead he would have had to shimmy out of a shaft... if he had sat up he probably would have bonked his head. That is an odd image to me for some reason, but it makes the whole process of resurrection a bit more tangible and real seeming, not just a fairy tale...

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