Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Back in Raleigh

We returned back home on Sunday night. I was a little nervous about returning to reality, but so far its going well. Honestly, I don't have much to adjust to. I don't start school for another month so I get to take my time getting back into the swing of life. I am praying for my husband though. He had to return to work early Monday AM and doesn't get quite the break that I do. Surprisingly he is not stressed at all and has been only working his "normal" hours. This is excellent! I even think he is playing golf a couple of times in the near future... oh wait, according to Matt golfing IS work. For some reason I keep forgetting that.

On Sunday in Roanoke we went to church service with my parents. The sermon was about priorities. The passage the pastor taught from was about when Jesus came to visit Mary and Martha. I can't even count the amount of times I have heard teachings and done activities surrounding this concept, but this time I actually feel like I have a chance to make some changes. I can choose where my priorities are and Matt and I can choose to invest in our relationship with eachother and our creator as a couple. I don't have to quickly jump into busyness and go go go.

I know that over the years my busy personality has slowed down a bit, but it takes moments (like the past two weeks) for me to separate and enjoy sitting at Jesus' feet to recognize that there is more than I am currently experiencing. Going on an extended vacation where we truly have experienced God's beauty and had forced hours in a confinded space to connect with each other has brought me to a place where I want to maintain some level of awe each day.

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