Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Scketchy Cameras. com

My husband likes to save $$. So after choosing the camera that we wanted he spent some time (4 hours) searching the internet for the best deal.

Here is the catch: We are leaving on Saturday at 6AM to go on vacation where we want to use the camera, so we needed a speedy delivery.

He chose: Broadway Photo
They emailed him a confirmation email to his yahoo email (that he does not check regularly). So, on Tuesday afternoon Matt checked that account and realized that in order for them to send us the camera he had to confirm. He was a bit mift I would say... so, he called and talked with the salesman.

Salesman to salesman, Matt got more and more frustrated by the minute. For example, the guy said to Matt (they had a slight mis communication over price), "What the Hell are you talking about?" This is NOT proper etiquette!!

They were able to work that out, but at the end of the conversation #1 Salesguy said, "Oh yeah, why did you order the Japaneese version?". To which Matt replied, "I didn't know I did that. I would like the American version." So, he told Matt he would "take care of it" and then hung up....

So, will we get the camera we want by Friday???? Only time will tell!


Shannon Smith said...

Good luck.

Daniel said...

if things don't work out i know someone who has been known to loan out his camera. but then again, it previously wasn't fixated on a tiny human.

Bernie said...

Good luck with the camera craziness!

I'm riding with Corey to the airport on Sunday night. I'm looking forward to meeting y'all then.

traci said...

Great Bernie!

And on the camera, its not coming to Raleigh until Monday, so I am off to Circuit City to buy one...

I hope they will let us return the one we bought online.