Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Towards the East

After our hotel adventure we were off for another intense driving day. It first started with the visiting the Battle of Little Big Horn. I walked around and read the different plaques and such while Matt listened to a park ranger discuss the battle weapons from back in the day. One thing that I didn't know is that this monument is dedicated towards showing how peace can triumph over division. In 1925 representatives from the Indians and from the Settlers actually met together to literally bury a hatchet in representation of forgiveness.

When we left the battle field we needed to keep driving and driving and driving. There wasn't much in South Dakota or Minnesota, you can tell by the pictures that it was pretty flat and unpopulated. But we did stop at the Wall Drug Store to get some delicious ice cream and a souvenier or two, and then on our way again. We drove all the way to our van stop at the 24 hour grocery store. We rolled out the sleeping bags on top of the boxes and fell asleep. Only Two Days of the journey left.

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