Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Road to Oregon

Northern California was beautiful but a bit scary. We took another scenic byway through the historic redwood forest. After meeting Paul Bunyon and his ox, we drove down a gravel road for about 7 miles. If you know me, I was a bit nervous because I was driving. (I'm not the most secure in a large car on back roads)... [please don't worry Corey and Danielle] but, Matt had confidence in me and kept pushing us to go forward. This was not the first of many tiffs we have had along the journey...

Even though we may disagree about things there always seems to be something that brings us back together through laughter or in this case FEAR!!

We stumbled upon a Northern CA State Prison in the middle of the woods. Matt wanted to take a picture, but I didn't stay long enought to even catch the name of it. But, about a two miles down the road we found a beautiful overlook with a view of a river. Unforunately there were three hawks swirling over our heads... what were they searching for??? Then, we met a man carrying several big rocks walking toward us... I darted to the car and we drove off back to the safety of Highway 1.


jeff said...

where are the pictures from wisconsin? i want to see my people!

traci said...

I will show you soon, I am backed up a couple of days, just be patient!