Sunday, July 22, 2007

Warning! There are many posts coming quickly!

We just returned to Raleigh and I have to catch up from an entire week of adventure. My plan is to post several small posts that keep the trip in somewhat of an order. Matt may have a couple of things to add as well along the way.

So, I am picking up from Portland. Sunday was the ultimate driving day for us. We left the city immediately after the church service and drove, and drove, and drove... We passed through Oregon, Idaho, and Made it into Wyoming.

Of course we had to stop to take pictures of waterfalls, mountains, animals, people, and other random things that suited our fancy. (yes that is me on top of hay bails). We had to cross some rail road tracks and a barbed wire fence to get some of these photos... fun times ;)

I am sorry to report that Matt picked up dysentary on the Oregon Trail. I had to continue on hunting buffalo and looking for the nearest water supply. We have erected a monument in his honor.

We stopped at a KOA campsite just south of the Grand Tetons. Matt was determined for us to set up our tent without disturbing the other campters, so no talking and no flash light. This was a bit of a challenge for myself, but we managed!


Diana said...

the oregon trail remark...hilarious!!! so fun to see and read all about the adventure!

traci said...

Matt has to get credit for the Oregon Trail idea. We spent a couple hours searching for the perfect place to pull off the interstate and grab this pic! I'm glad it made you laugh!