Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A little more fun in Napa

Matt asked me last night as we were driving if my Napa post was funny... I had to admit that it the previous one captured the more sophisticated aspects of our journey (yes, Matt pretending to eat grapes off the vine is considered sophisticated). So, I have included a couple of other pics that help you understand our adventure more completely.

We ate at an authentic mexican cafe for lunch, had some fun with large yard art, and enjoyed tasting at several vinyards (which left me a bit tired).

I am writing this post from a grocery store parking lot in Albert Lea, MN. We slept in the van last night after almost 1000 miles of driving across South Dakota. It was a surprisingly pleasent nights sleep. Today we are off to try some cheese and beer and possibly make it in to Chicago, so we probably need to get on the road.

P.S. God's beauty is everywhere on this journey! We are constantly in awe.


Patrick said...

Traci - That's a GREAT picture of you there at the bottom! Your sneaky husband will feel the sting of retribution I'm sure!

traci said...

Yes he will!!! Just you wait!!

Amanda said...

looks like the two of you are having an awesome time! can't wait to hear more about it..