Monday, July 23, 2007

More details

I have a couple of details about the journey that I thought would be interesting for you to read:

I contributed to Matt almost loosing his walet. If you aren't aware, I like to keep moving and don't like to waste much time... so, as we were getting ready for our one day trip through the national parks I was slightly rushing my wonderful husband. We were living out of the car at this point, so he was standing in the opening looking for the shorts he was going to wear for the day. He was holding his pants from the day before and I wanted to put them in the dirty clothes, but he hadn't found the shorts he wanted yet...

I thought that it was quite weired that he couldn't put one pair of pants down before finding the others, but he politely told me that he wanted to transfer what was in one pair of pockets to the other ones, to which I showed my disgust in my face, and he responded by pulling the items out and placing them on the roof of the car (this was all so that I could get us on the road 30 seconds before we would have other wise)...

He finally found his other shorts and grabbed the emptied items off the roof and put them in his new pockets. He grabbed all of the items (we hope) except for his wallet. We didn't realize this until we had arrived at breakfast and he reached into his lighter than usual pockets to find his wallet had disappeared.

As he walked back to the van to look for it I immediately broke into prayer. Please Lord! Forgive me for my impatience! Let us find this wallet! When Matt walked back through the door I couldn't tell if he had found it or not, but in deed he had! What a Blessing!!!

What did I take away from this lesson? My need for patience. My need to trust my husband's processes. My need for prayer.

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Anonymous said...

that's an illustration of how we all need to trust each other's (and our own)processes for ourselves!!I identify with Matt on this one. When i get out of my system or routine and allow someone else to rush me I nearly ALWAYS regret it!! You learb fast dear! love, mama