Sunday, July 15, 2007

Lots more to come.

This blog was brought to you buy... Hyundai...

After Big Sur we took the day and went up to San Fransisco. It was a beautiful afternoon and we had a free place to stay. (Please see pics of one of our best friends as a kid)... Guess who?

I truly think my husband has artistic talent when it comes to photography. I have started calling him Ansel Adams. Check out some of his handy work. Even another family asked us to take their picture...

We also discovered "Cole Valley" which ended up in exquisite quisine at Zazies. (After napping at the bay we asked a local who highly recommended this experience! She picked out a place that was perfect for Matt and Traci Rowe!) Cole Valley was one of the most eclectic places I have ever seen, yet was full of community and zest for life. I loved the experience!

We are rating our top towns and so far San Fran is at the top of list.

Enjoy the pics!

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