Sunday, July 29, 2007

Cheese and Beer Tours

I am going to continue to post items from our trip although we have technically been back from vacation for an entire week, I still have tons of stories and adventures to share. Its a bit challenging to get inspired to tell the stories since we are back now and new crazy times are all around me, but I am going to do my best to finish it out in an interesting fashion.

Wisconsin has the best rest areas of any of the states that we visited. We entered Wisconsin by crossing the Mississippi River over a bridge into La Crosse. Matt wanted to find the Trane office so we could start a competition or something, but we deferred to washing up in the rest area (after sleeping in the van) and talking with the friendly helper in the visitors' center. There were two items on our agenda for this afternoon 1) cheese and 2) beer. We wanted to get an authentic taste of what Wisconsin life is all about and we did!

We drove out into the country, shared the road with some amish carriages, had to stop for a wild turkey family crossing the road, and tasted some cheese curds. We saw the cheese making process and found descriptions for over 30 types of Wisconsin cheeses (although we still aren't sure how they make the different types of cheeses). Spend some time on this website if you have any questions:Wisconsin Cheese Info.

Well, this blog is already getting extremely long, so the beer tour story is going to have to come in the next post about the trip.


jeff said...

in grade school, one of our field trips was to a cheese factory to see how cheese was made...

traci said...

do you remember how they got the different types of cheeses? for example, what makes cheddar different from havarti if they both come from the cow?