Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Napa Valley to Eugene, CA

It amazes me that it is already Monday and I am still trying to catch up on posting from last week. I am going to share our Napa Valley adventure in this blog. This is one of my personal favorites... partly because I love wine and partly because we met some great people who we will hopefully keep up with.

We are not big fans of highly touristy places and often search for obscure locations when looking for eating and actiities. I found Goosecross on the internet and we actually ended up getting our own personal tour of the winery. It lasted about 2 hours and we learned about everything from planting the vines, to testing the grapes for sugar, to what you do to keep them from freezing before they are supposed to, to the crushing and barrelling process, and to tasting and describing flavors.

We were very impressed and enjoyed the tour and the wine. I was glad that we liked it because if we didn't I would have felt badly not purchasing any wine. But, that wasn't the case! We loved 6 different varieties and ended up joining a wine club so will get regular shipments and updates from the wine maker.

I think this is pretty amazing.

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