Sunday, July 15, 2007

More to come soon

For those of you who are holding your breath for further updates from our journey... there are more to come soon! We are running out of batteries and hitting some technical difficulties uploading pictures. But, we are having a fabulous time and currently sitting at a bar in Portland, OR! Hopefully our hotel will have WiFi!

Hope all of our friends and family are well. Prayers and hugs are with you. I hope they are with us too. We will start picking up the pace ASAP.


traci said...

obviously, by the time you are reading this, we have attached more pics to the blog...

Anonymous said...

Keep your posts coming - it is really wonderful to experience your trip in delayed time of 24 hours - where is the beach & who is Matt's friends you stayed with & is that painting/photo of Matt & his brothers??? Lots of questions.

Travel safely - so glad you are enjoying your "vacation" - Dad

Anonymous said...

Hi Traci and matt: I couldn't st a nd it another day so got on your blog to see where you were and how you were doing. Glad y ou all a re enjoying yourself so much. And was I ever surprised to see Kendra in the picture with you. I hope you found Marty well too.! Am enjoying everything. Keep those blogs and ictures coming.

Anonymous said...

You guys look so free and happy and in true Traci form you appear to be soaking up the moment.
Luv Charlotte

traci said...

Yes, we are having a fabulous time!

Yes, we did find Mary well too! I have a picture with her as well.

Jon Ellis' mom and brother live in San Fran, that is who we stayed with.

I'm getting ready to load up some more pics and commentary.